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What's very interesting is that had you told me Finland had a graffiti problem I never would have believed it,'' said Castellano, president and chairman of publicly held Antek.
Antek said its instrument is accurate over a broad range without any detection limits.
Craven worked as lead chemical researcher and developer at Antek Research Inc.
For Sunday #8, which was given over to artist Kerstin Bratsch, they covered the exhibition "New York Is Dead" with sheets of black protective plastic before opening Eva's doors to a musical act by Ronnie Bass, Jeremy Eilers, and Nic Xedro; Allison Katz and Georgia Sagri (accompanied by Bratsch); and DJ Antek Walczak.
ADLERFLUG left his rivals for dead in the final 300 yards of the BMW Deutsches Derby at Hamburg yesterday, forging clear in dreadful conditions to win by seven lengths from Antek, writes David Conolly-Smith.
Other companies offering GC detectors for sulfur determination include Antek Instruments, CE Elantech, CI Analytiks, Ionics Instruments (Sievers), PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Electron and Varian.
An automated analysis system has been designed by Antek Instruments to quickly estimate the type and amount of additives present in a polyolefin sample.
Antek mistress with a crossroads - Development of design documentation and execution of road works in order to communicate with the downtown cultural center entitled "Multicultural Old Mine Park" and the shopping center "Galeria Victoria".
Antek HealthWare's LIS allows for laboratory automation and interoperability with other software systems and has the ability to increase throughput and improve result distribution to the ordering physicians.
Conillon, who crosses swords again with Antek, whom he beat by half a length in a recent Dortmund Listed event, looks the pick of the pair, while in-form handler Jens Hirschberger relies on the unbeaten Sommersturm.
The Instrumentation segment, which includes the Acton Research, Antek, Gatan, IDI, Logitech, PAC, Struers and Uson brands, primarily serves test, inspection and measurement applications in the oil and gas, research, and industrial markets.
is a family of companies that includes HealthPort Solutions Services Division, Noteworthy Medical Systems, Visionary HealthWare and Antek HealthWare laboratory information systems.
According to Sandy Laughlin, product manager for Lab-DAQ LIS and DAQbilling Practice Management System at Antek HealthWare, "With legacy systems still in place, it is very challenging for laboratories to grow their business and stay competitive.
Company Product or Service * Ablestik Laboratories Die Attach * Accenture LLP Information Technology Consulting * Antek Semiconductor Corporation Foundry Services * Applied Materials, Inc.
ANTEK Instruments introduced the P1000 Methanol Specific process analyzer for crude oil, natural gas and refining, and the Model P6200 process analyzer for determining sulfur and nitrogen concentration in liquid or gas process streams .