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She now plans to offer hypnotherapy to partners of women attending for ante-natal care and will also see patients in their own homes.
When you think of the effort put into ante-natal care - how to breathe, how to push, how to exercise - it is ridiculous that most of the available resources for support and advice stop when they should start: when the baby actually enters the world.
Women from across Northumberland and North Tyneside will continue to receive their ante-natal care close to home and from hospitals in Alnwick, Berwick, Hexham, North Tyneside and Wansbeck.
rate ranges from 1 per cent to 17 per cent across ante-natal care sites in the states and the difference is
Interestingly, Carol had ante-natal care for her first pregnancy in one of the pilot areas of Derbyshire - Chesterfield - where women are to be offered shopping vouchers for continued breastfeeding.
Pamela Reilly got a further pounds 120 for time she took off for ante-natal care and pounds 880 in holiday pay from the Scissor Edge salon in Hilton, Inverness.
We have also seen trends over the years which have pointed to better ante-natal care and we have been able to identify some of the causes of cot deaths and education people about that.
Over the next six months, health chiefs hope to get 80 per cent of mothers-to-be booked in for ante-natal care before their 12th week of pregnancy.
Along with childcare services, the centre will offer family support, ante-natal care and breast feeding support.
Bliss, which supports families with premature children, said staying healthy in pregnancy and good ante-natal care could have a huge impact.
You have a right to time off for ante-natal care and classes on your normal pay, although after your first appointment your employer is entitled to proof of your appointment and your pregnancy.
For example, there are major issues within the NHS locally such as provision of renal and ante-natal care but there may be a need to investigate the quality of hospital meals, how patients are transported or how we as a city council work with the NHS in response to emergencies.
The amount of planned deliveries following ante-natal care at Whiston Hospital was 2,607 in 2000 and 2,277 in 2001.
The new, improved booklet also has four extra pages for new sections on exercise and ante-natal care to tie in with National Pregnancy Week's theme of Take Your Time.