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Here it is considered as the increase, over the undisturbed average antartic temperature [T.
The Kings Heath explorer said: "I will be conducting research into climate change and its effect on the Antartic.
1922: Ernest Henry Shackleton Irish Antartic explorer
Age and productivity of the Antartic scallop, Adamussium colbecki, in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antartica).
The middle Miocene climatic transition: East Antartic ice sheet development, deep ocean circulation and global carbon cycling.
Apart from the historic ship of that name that bore explorer Captain Scott on his ill-fated trip to the Antartic, there are a host of attractions at Discovery Point.
Calace N: Characterization of HA's Isolated from Antartic Soils, International Journal of Environmental Anal Chem, 60: 71-78, 1995.
CCTV, SBS and KBS were scheduled to co-produce the "Project Antartic 2003" broadcast of the auroras from both Showa Base in Antarctica and the Scandinavia Peninsula in the Arctic.
For wintering over on the Antartic continent a clasp for Antartic Service Medal, a suspension ribbon and a disc for the service ribbon; bronze for the first winter; gold for the second winter; and silver for the third
The stamps are being sent to the South Atlantic British Overseas Territory aboard the South African Antartic research ship SA Agulhas.
The finding spurs concerns that changes in the glacier's ice shelf along the Antartic coast may increase the amount of ice that drains from the interior of the continent and floats out to sea.
In addition, new 10Be data from a marine core from the Caribbean (Aldahan & Possnert 1998) show peaks at 23-24,000, 37-39,000 and 60-65,000 cal BP, in accordance again with the Antartic ice core (Raisbeck et al.
NAME OPERATING INSTITUTION 1 Gibbs Seaplane tender San Carlos 1944-58, Hudson Labs of Columbia University 1958-68, Naval Research Labs 1968-82 2 Manning (ex T-514) Army T-514 cargo boat 1953-55, Hudson Labs and Crumb School of Mines, Columbia University 19570s 3 Conrad Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Columbia University 4 Gilliss Military Sealift Command for West Coast Navy labs 5 Davis Military Sealift Command for West Coast Navy Labs 6 Sands Military Sealift Command for East Coast Navy Labs 7 Lynch Military Sealift Command (MSC) for East Coast Navy labs 8 Eltanin Navy cargo ship 1957-62, NSF Antartic research 1962-72 9 Thomas G.