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The Antarctic Ocean Alliance partners are attending the CCAMLR meeting in Hobart, where they will work to ensure that delegates step up to the challenge and designate the Ross Sea and East Antarctica proposals.
The partners of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance, including The Pew Charitable Trusts, ASOC, WWF, and Greenpeace, are calling on CCAMLR to create the world's two largest marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica, at the October meeting.
SYDNEY - Australia is confident on permanently ending whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, the country's attorney general said ahead of a trip to The Hague where he will represent Australia at the International Court of Justice.
The krill found in Barlean's Wild & Whole Krill Oil is sustainably harvested by Aker BioMarine in the Antarctic Ocean, the purest ocean waters on Earth.
On the table were several proposals put forth by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union to establish vast marine reserves in ecologically important zones of the Antarctic Ocean.
TAGGED: Seals wearing data-collection devices are helping track the effects of climate change in the Antarctic Ocean.
The KACST scientist said that this partial solar eclipse would be seen in the southern hemisphere, including the Antarctic Ocean.
There's room for Japan to make a compromise through a political judgment,'' Yamada told a press conference after a Cabinet meeting, apparently expressing readiness to accept a proposal to reduce its annual catch limit for minke whales in the Antarctic Ocean if it is allowed to hunt whales in Japanese coastal waters.
TOKYO - Japanese investigators plan to establish an additional criminal case against an antiwhaling activist who was arrested last month for allegedly trespassing on a ship in Japan's whaling fleet in the Antarctic Ocean, investigative sources said Thursday.
On Wednesday, a group of conservationists clashed with Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Ocean, the latest in a string of increasingly aggressive confrontations between US-based activist group Sea Shepherd and the whaling fleet.
The protesters, who regularly harass the Japanese whaling fleet during its annual hunt in the Antarctic Ocean, had sent a helicopter and two inflatable boats towards the harpoon ship.
Japanese whalers again clashed with conservationists in the Antarctic Ocean yesterday, blasting water from a cannon at its opponents who hurled bottles of rancid butter and paint.
TOKYO - The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacked a Japanese ship engaged in so-called ''research whaling'' in the Antarctic Ocean by throwing a bottle containing foul-smelling liquid, the Fisheries Agency said Friday.
The sailing was part of the Climate of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean project (CASO), the lead in an international cluster of similar projects in the Antarctic Ocean Circulation program of the International Polar Year (IPY).
US-based Sea Shepherd, a militant offshoot of the environmentalist movement Greenpeace, strongly opposes Japan's plan to kill some 1,000 whales in the Antarctic Ocean this season.
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