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a radical Islamic group of terrorists in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan who oppose an independent secular nation as advocated by the United States

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According to the Italian investigation, unlike Ansar Al Islam, Rawti Shax arose and is rooted in Europe, with cells communicating and operating via the internet, with a structure active in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Iraq, Iran and Syria.
Regarding the government and his ministry's concerns about the Ansar al Islam and the possibility of its militia crossing the border and entering the Region, Mustafa states that there have always been concerns about this issue.
The independent Kurdish newspaper Hawlati, published in Suleimania, has cited a schism within Ansar Al Islam in July 2002 as the genesis of Ansar Al Sunnah.
Ansar Al Islam is widely suspected of being responsible for a series of bomb attacks in northern Iraq earlier this year that killed over 100 people, including senior officials from the pro-US Kurdish political parties that control much of northern Iraq.
The 30-year-old Algerian known as "the Sheikh" is being held by German authorities who believe he heads a continent-wide terrorist operation for Ansar Al Islam (Partisans of Islam), an Iraqi Kurdish fundamentalist group that is rapidly becoming a major adversary of the Americans, at the cutting edge of the Iraqi resistance.
From his school days, at the Ansar Al Islam Centre in Sierra Leone, he went on to become the country's "top reciter", winning a host of contests.
The focus of concern for US counter-terrorist officials was at first on a reconstituted Ansar Al Islam, Al Qaida-linked terrorist group based in the north of the country before the war.
Bremer has linked Ansar Al Islam to the car bomb at the Jordanian embassy on Aug.
US forces last night claimed to have destroyed a terror camp used by the Ansar al Islam group - Victory of Islam - in the north east mountains of Iraq.
However, the Pentagon raised the possibility that the attack could have been waged by Ansar Al Islam, the radical Islamist group accused of having ties with Al Qaida, which Jordan has been fighting.
The Ansar al Islam training base was obliterated by more than 50 cruise missiles.
In the north of Iraq, US forces on March 30 claimed to have destroyed a massive base of the terrorist group Ansar Al Islam after a heavy missile bombardment was followed up by a ground assault by US Rangers and Seal special forces units.
Powell also strengthens US claims that Ansar Al Islam - and, by extension, Al Qaida itself - has direct links to Baghdad.
18, PM Ali Abu Al Ragheb said Khalaylah had fled to northern Iraq and was now with the Ansar Al Islam group, which controls a patch of rugged territory inside Kurdish-held northern Iraq.
Bush appears to be referring to an Islamist group, Ansar Al Islam, which has a presence in the north of the country, outside Baghdad's control.