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This means that unlike most anomaly detection methods, Metafor doesn't require a training period or a continuous investment in re-modeling as various qualities of your data streams change.
The NetQoS Anomaly Detection capability is significant because it monitors every traffic flow using the industry's most widely deployed enterprise-class NetFlow-based monitoring solution and provides an alert every time unusual activity occurs.
Integration with the NetQoS Performance Center also allows network engineers to see Anomaly Detection behavior analysis information alongside NetQoS metrics such as end-to-end application response time, VoIP performance monitoring, and device performance management.
The Toolkit offers a unique approach to describing what anomaly detection is, how to implement it, and the benefits financial institutions of all sizes experience with anomaly detection.
Infographic: Putting Anomaly Detection Into Practice - An easy to understand information graphic that illustrates how anomaly detection solutions detect online fraud, and options available to financial institutions for responding to alerts raised by their anomaly detection solution.
Video: Putting Anomaly Detection into Practice -- A short, engaging, animated version of the infographic with a voiceover explaining how anomaly detection works and how institutions can respond.
NarusInsight Secure Suite's very early anomaly detection capabilities and extremely high accuracy, coupled with its ability to scale to core carrier speeds up to 10Gb/sec make it the solution of choice for carriers and governments around the world.
6 delivers powerful new capabilities and greater contextual awareness of network activity, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing customers with solutions that cost-effectively unify as well as optimize behavior-based anomaly detection and network operations.
StealthWatch is the first flow-based solution to unify network performance monitoring with behavior-based anomaly detection to deliver total network visibility, ensuring network security, performance and availability.
By delivering a best of breed solution that unifies network performance monitoring and behavior-based anomaly detection, we are meeting a critical need and enabling organizations to cost-effectively optimize their security and network operations.
We believe Gartner's aPositive' rating further confirms Lancope's position in this emerging market and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide customers with solutions that cost-effectively unify as well as optimize behavior-based anomaly detection and network operations.
Arbor's solutions are built upon the Arbor Peakflow[R] platform, an architecture for network-wide data collection, analysis, and anomaly detection.
An Advanced Managed Firewall Service with an SLA and Anomaly Detection System
The cyber attack detection feature has been strengthened with anomaly detection and other functions so that unauthorized access can be detected quickly on corporate LANs and WANs as well as on servers connected to the Internet.
2 allows the customer to make simple tuning adjustments through a new False Positive Tuning Wizard that administrators can use to do event-based tuning on security device events and anomaly detection alerts.