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small arboreal tropical American insectivorous lizards with the ability to change skin color

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The green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis) - a native of the Southeastern United States - is the first non-bird species of reptile to have its genome sequenced and assembled.
They compared the platypus genome to that of humans, the anole lizard and the chicken.
When a sound wave hits a green anole lizard, for instance, the energy causes the lizard's chest wall to vibrate in tune with the wave.
Among the animals discovered were three hamsters, 88 tropical fish, two budgies and a Cuban anole lizard all kept in unsuitable environments.
The grasshopper species Schistocerca emarginata eats foul-smelling skunk bush, then vomits to prevent being swallowed by predators like the green anole lizard.
Others were deprived of fresh water, while a Cuban Anole lizard was caged without heating or desperately required UV lighting.
They recorded that two budgies and a Cuban Anole lizard were being kept in unsuitable environments and that three hamsters were caged with other animals causing "unnecessary suffering".
PET: Corn snake FROZEN: Domesticated rat UNSAFE: Cuban Anole lizard IN COURT: From left, Carl Holt, Simon Downes and Lesley Holt outside Liverpool Magistrates Court.
From the footage at about nine minutes into the video, it is evident that at least one of the anole lizards was quite furious about being plucked away from the tree fern where he was sleeping on a moonless night.