Anogramma leptophylla

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small short-lived fern of Central and South America

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The species was identified as Anogramma leptophylla (L.
Anogramma leptophylla can be found in many humid and mild regions around the world.
For insight into the microclimatic conditions of the habitat and to explore how Anogramma leptophylla can tolerate the unfavorable macroclimatic conditions, seasonal expedition field measurements (i.
Thus, in spite of the cytological variability within the genus Anogramma (Gastony and Baroutsis, 1975), the world-wide distributed species Anogramma leptophylla seems to be uniform in this respect according to the re-examinations of Rasbach and Reichstein (1990) and Lovis et al.
The surprisingly remote inland establishment of the extreme oceanic element Anogramma leptophylla in Hungary may be attributable to certain favorable environmental conditions.