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a small benign wart on or around the genitals and anus

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Declines in anogenital wart rates among young people are most likely because of the human papillomavirus vaccine, according to a new study.
Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods for developing a new Health Related Quality of Life measure for patients with anogenital warts.
The vaccine gives protection to both low and high risk groups of HPV including HPV types 16 and 18 which cause cervical neoplasia and 6 and 11 which cause anogenital warts.
Earlier that year, a review of the use of sinecatechins ointment for the treatment of external anogenital warts noted that while clearance rates are similar among sinecatechins and other indicated topical medications such as imiquimod and podophyllotoxin, recurrence rates are lower for patients treated with sinecatechins.
In order to implement measures of prophylaxis, to increase awareness among people for the anogenital warts it is important to assess the extent of the infection in the area and various socio-demographic variables affecting the spreadability of disease in the concerned area.
Following closing, Biota acquires the AP611074, which is a patented, direct-acting antiviral in clinical development for the treatment of condyloma, or anogenital warts, as well as the orphan disease recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP), both of which are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 11.
This study proves the concept that acidified nitrite is effective in treating anogenital warts and has identified the dose required for efficacy," Dr.
HPV 6 or 11 cause 90% of anogenital warts (condylomata) and most cases of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (15).
Anaconda is developing its lead product AP611074 to treat condyloma, also called anogenital warts, as well as the orphan disease recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP).
A recent retrospective study of Canadian eighth graders compared the incidence of cervical dysplasia and anogenital warts two-to-four years later in girls before and after the qHPV became available.
Human papillomavirus is a double-stranded DNA virus that causes common warts found on the skin and anogenital warts (condyloma acuminatum) located on the genitalia.
Anogenital warts (AGWs) are the most common clinical manifestation of HPV infection.
Because anogenital warts are classically associated with low-risk HPV types, the presence of high-grade cell changes within what appeared to be low-grade warts is unsettling.