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coat a metal with an oxide coat


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Balexco produces aluminium extrusions in different finishes of powder coated and anodised profiles suitable to meet a wide variety of product segments.
The lightweight six spoke alloy wheels are also anthracite anodised.
The model is based on the 134bhp Elise S and features unique colour options, upgraded interior and lightweight components, lightweight microfibre seat covers, anthracite anodised gear knob and handbrake sleeve, Club Racer logos and anodised aluminium flooring.
In addition to the alloy wheels, the Dune is distinguished from other Polos by its raised suspension height, which is up by 20mm, darkened rear lenses, anodised chrome-finish door mirror housings and roof rails, and specially shaped bumpers.
The elegant matt satin lustre of GA Ano-Sil anodised aluminium has been used throughout a new build development at Margery Street, Central London, With a sleek contemporary look, the GA Ano-sil surface provides a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain finish.
SimplAir, suppliers of anodised aluminium compressed air pipework, have launched the new SpeedLine range of bendable aluminium tubing, which offers a solution for increasing compressed air flows in smaller installations.
Part three covers applications for surface engineered light alloys including sports equipment, biomedical devices and plasma electrolytic oxidation and anodised aluminium alloys for spacecraft applications.
Tenders are invited for Anodised Plate For Distributor Valve Consisting Of 02 Items, I Item Ia Anodised Plate For Keo Type Dv- 07 Nos/Set Ii Item Ib Anodised Plate For C3w Type Dv- 03 Nos/Set To Drg.
The upgrade to theanodising capacity is from 11,000 amps to 60,000 amps which will help Balexcodeliver anodised profiles in the shortest possible lead time.