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a cell containing an electrolyte in which an applied voltage causes a reaction to occur that would not occur otherwise (such as the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen)

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For the anodic oxidation of the aluminum surface, PHE was used as filler instead of traditional electrolytes like ammonium hydrogen tetra borate solution [14], ammonium tartrate solution [29], sulfuric acid solution [27], aqueous electrolytes [1], electrolyte consisted of ethylene glycol, water, and oxalic acid [30], The PHE was sandwiched between the aluminum and the platinum electrodes (Al/PHE/Pt), and the voltage was applied to bias the system.
25 sq cm) as cathode and a Pt wire electrode as anode in case of degradation of dye by anodic oxidation with Pt electrodes.
The curve of the active region displays anodic oxidation of nickel to give mainly the complex Ni[OH.
In order to improve the fountain solution adhesion on the aluminium oxide film and to enhance the adhesion of the photosensitive coating during the printing process the foil is roughened by electrochemical graining and anodic oxidation (Dimogerontakis et al.
Various surface modifications like anodic oxidation treatments [14], electrochemical treatments [15], sandblasting [16], carbide coatings [1], laser nitriding [18], electrolytic polishing [19], etc.
The coatings cover logos and labels during the anodic oxidation of aluminum or protect sensitive displays against damage during the CNC milling process (CNC stands for computerized numerical control).
The research team succeeded in the production of cobalt hexacyanoferrate nanostructures by synthesizing cobalt nanoflowers and by carrying out anodic oxidation operation on the obtained nanoflowers.
The topics include analyzing the mineralogical component of palm oil fuel ash with or without unburned carbon, the effect of different gloss firing temperature on the crystallization of zinc-based crystal glaze, forming a titanium carbide reinforced copper matrix composite by an in situ process, synthetic hydrotalcite prepared from a modified combustion method using glucose as fuel, the formation and mechanistic study of self-ordering zirconium oxide nanotubes by anodic oxidation, and the characterization and phase evolution of cordierite based glass synthesis from pure oxide and minerals.
The topics include the full-scale numerical simulation of plasma-sprayed functionally gradient materials, the depletion model of aluminum in bond coat for plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings, developing spherical iron-based composite powder with carried alumina abrasive grains by plasma spray, processes and properties of ceramic coatings by elecrophoretic deposition, and the effect of silicon sol on anodic oxidation film of titanium alloys.
Using Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) processes, the patterned alumina nanohole media was fabricated using nano-imprint lithography, anodic oxidation, and cobalt electrodeposition at a density of 100nm pitch nanoholes that was suitable to currently available head technology.
Abstract: The paper deals with mathematical modeling of dependence between anodic oxidation factors in sulfuric acid and thickness of created layer [Al.
The technological properties of the coatings produced by anodic oxidation are interesting:
Among the topics are calcium phosphate ceramics, anodic oxidation, laser based coatings, physical and chemical properties of the coatings, and biological properties of the coatings.
Metals such as gold, platinum, and silver are suitable for anodic oxidation of hydrazine, but they are not cost-effective in industry due to the economic limitations," he added.