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Senior Member, Chairman's Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI and MT) along with his team conducted the said annual inspection for the year 2015.
On that particular day, the District Education Officer (DEO) paid a surprise visit to one of the higher secondary schools in our village and as such all the senior officials, if any, deputed to carry out the annual inspection of these schools, became busy in attending to their boss, leaving the teachers of the primary school cluster to carry out the inspection of all the three schools.
The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has responded to parents' concerns regarding giving schools three weeks' notice before annual inspections.
It added that the the notice of annual inspection signed by Montallana did not categorically prove that an inspection was indeed conducted since there were "misrepresentations" as to the true electrical status of the hotel.
Schedule and complete an annual cleaning if the above items are not included in your roofing contractor's annual inspection.
Having supplied the existing 12,000kg/hr gas fired boilers, Wellman Robey continue to play a major role in operation on site by carrying out annual inspections through a comprehensive service contract as well as five year GN4 inspections.
Chief constable David Bradley, Huddersfield mayor Ald N Day and the inspector of constabulary, Sir Charles Martin, are chatting to Pc John Shaw in this 1961 picture of the annual inspection at the Drill Hall.
The Mayor of Bootle, Alderman Hugh Baird, is joined by council members for their annual inspection of the town's fire brigade, watching a fireman with the then latest breathing apparatus descend into a smokefilled chamber during a training exercise on June 11, 1959 Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
Rye Fire Chief Richard O'Brien says the center failed its annual inspection and will remain closed until wiring and exit issues have been addressed.
Firefighters on an annual inspection Monday evening came across the quart jars - three-quarters, one-half and one-quarter full - in a laboratory among a group of chemicals that hadn't been used for years, McCormick said.
Steve Adair, Transco's emergency services manager in the area, said: "An annual inspection by a CORGI registered engineer is the best way to protect yourself and your family against dangers like carbon monoxide and gas leaks.
They also perform an annual inspection of the fence and monitor the progress of mine flooding for ASI.
The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is to conduct an annual inspection of the Korean domestic aviation industry commencing 14 June.
The "special-focus" homes were selected based on results of their most recent annual inspection and substantiated complaints during the past two years, HCFA explained.
While monitoring procedures can, and in many firms probably will, be performed as part of an annual inspection, they don't have to be.
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