analysis of variance

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a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means

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This is a strategic win for ANNOVA, who will develop a portal for ARD-aktuell based on the ground-breaking, proprietary product OpenMedia Newsboard.
05 January 2017 - UK-based bespoke software systems provider Scisys plc (SSY: AIM) has closed the acquisition of Munich, Germany-based media software solutions company Annova Systems GmbH for a maximum consideration of USD 29.
ANNOVA with Tukey's minimum significant difference and Spearman Rho correlation were used considering pless than 0.
One way analysis of variance is applied at 95% confidence level to find out the significance difference between the samples of each locality, Tukey's HSD tests were applied at 5% family error rate to classified the significance difference among samples, for ANNOVA and Tukey's HSD statistical programme MINITAB version 16.
The ANNOVA table shows that there is no significant association among dependent and independent variables.
Houston-based Annova LNG, LLC filed a request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to begin a review for a mid-scale natural gas liquefaction and transfer facility at the Port of Brownsville, TX.
ANNOVA test was applied for determining significance between different educational groups.
So, when posttest scores were compared, instead of covariant analyses, t-test or one way ANNOVA was sufficient.
Kruskal Wallis ANNOVA depicted that earthen pots (indoors) were the most abundant containers harbouring Aedes pupae (Kruskal Wallis statistic, K= 33.
Data were analyzed using percentages, chi-square, Kruskal Wallis tests, and ANNOVA (analysis of variance).
The ANNOVA table tests the acceptability of the model from a statistical perspective.
Olgularin laboratuvar degerlerinin karsilastirilmasi Annova coklu karsilastirma testi ile yapildi.