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the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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There are, alas, a worrying number of couples, who are indeed in the position of being unable to afford to pay the mortgage, let alone buy wedding anniversary presents.
As anniversary presents go Moyes, who celebrates four years in charge on Tuesday, could not have wished for anything better.
I make them for birthday, wedding (also with the bride and groom glasses) and anniversary presents.
Being an incurable romantic, Marty's been parceling out the anniversary presents to Ethel throughout the week, leading up to the big day.
Another couple having marital difficulties are Les and Janice - but who can blame them when wedding anniversary presents involve a deep fat fryer.
Jean Alexander, who played the Street's chirpy charlady for 24 years, will be one of Heartbeat's 10th anniversary presents to its fans.
Remember that Historic Newspapers carry back issues of The Mirror which make ideal birthday or anniversary presents.
You should get married on that day instead so it would save on anniversary presents - George Agar, 61, a retired fireman from North Ormesby It's a nice tradition but I why should it just be the one day?
As for anniversary presents, Saul had a few romantic words for his wife.
A CARING couple who asked their friends to donate money to a cancer ward instead of giving them anniversary presents are handing over pounds 900.
Sir, - On behalf of Meningitis Research Foundation I would like to thank Maurice and Ivy Pickering of Solihull for their kind donation of pounds 850 raised in lieu of Golden Wedding Anniversary presents and, of course, congratulate them.
Sesame Street's 30th Anniversary presents the perfect
Remember that Historic Newspapers carry all back issues of The Mirror which make ideal birthday or anniversary presents.
Mr Webb added: "A leap year wedding will save them a few bob in anniversary presents - I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it in the first place
We raised pounds 1,000 from donations made at Paul's funeral and from my daughter's in-laws who asked for donations to the fund instead of receiving anniversary presents for their 40th anniversary.