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United States poet (1928-1974)


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Her head was often patriarchal, but in her blood and her bones, Anne Sexton knew.
In Conradian terms, it seems you were to Anne Sexton as Marlow was to Kurtz.
While at Yaddo, on October 6, Plath will jot the following bitter entry in her journal: "George Starbuck's immortal love poem to Anne Sexton in the NY [New Yorker] this week.
The Hangover Hour Spoken Word Salon Dmitri Berenson reads the work of Anne Sexton, 5 p.
I didn't get to my Anne Sexton collection but I'm looking forward to spending some non-holiday time with it in the future.
of Iowa) juxtaposes the first and last books of seven poets: Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop, Anne Sexton, Thom Gunn, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and Robert Pinsky.
If Poetic Artifice was largely concerned with Modernism and its heirs-among them John Ashbery, Andrew Crozier, Robert Lowell, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, and Forrest-Thomson s teacher J.
With me being North American one of the first that came to mind was Sylvia Plath, so we researched the wonderful poetry of the confessional poets like Plath and Anne Sexton and of course Virginia Woolf who immediately is an icon of a woman who felt out of place in her surroundings in her time.
A ONE-woman show inspired by the lives and works of Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and poet Anne Sexton comes to North Wales this month.
Influenced by the poetry of Lord Byron and Anne Sexton among others, the new album examines the depths of living with depression - and the hope of recovery.
Pierre Renoir and Claude Monet, James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov and John Updike, poets like Anne Sexton and Denise Levertov honor and celebrate our human senses.
As Karen Van Dyck has written in her introduction, Anghelaki-Rooke's poetry is not directed specifically at women or at Greek readers: "Her poetry can be seen to fit into the tradition of the best of American feminist poetry, alongside Adrienne Rich and Anne Sexton, where writing the body and rewriting myth are central concerns.
Eliot, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, Theodore Roethke, James Merrill--as well as those from the slightly younger generation of poets like Adrienne Rich, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Seamus Heaney, Frank Bidart, and Lloyd Schwartz.
SAN FRANCISCO: Diane Middlebrook, a leading feminist scholar who wrote acclaimed biographies of poets Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, died.
Like Maxine Kumin, whose imaginary poem in Parker's anthology sounds an awful lot like the writing of her good friend Anne Sexton, Martone may wish, finally, to be what he isn't almost as firmly as he insists on being what he is.