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Synonyms for Annamese

a native or inhabitant of Vietnam

the Mon-Khmer language spoken in Vietnam

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Little was known about Annamese ceramics outside of a few specialist circles until the discovery of the Hoi An hoard in the 1990s.
on the 31st, the NVA 6th Regiment linked up with its guides and seized a bridgehead into the Citadel, a castle-like structure that had been the residence for Annamese emperors since the early 1800's.
8) As a cover for his party activities, Giap worked for Huynh Thuc Khang, publisher of the Tieng Dan (People's Voice) newspaper, the most important of the reform-minded Annamese publications and one carefully watched by the Deuxieme Bureau of the Surete Generale pour l'Indochine--the French secret police responsible for insuring the retention of France's richest colony.
Patrick coinage, the ANS Lincoln Memorial medal, Annamese coins, and street money.
Watch the eyes of Takamine (as Yukiko Koda), her costar Masayuki Mori (as Kengo Tomioka), and the young woman playing the Annamese servant in the opening flashback scenes in Dalat, Indochina, in Floating Clouds.
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