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the property of being anisotropic

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Higher molecular in-plane orientation caused higher anisotropies in dielectric constants.
The good news is that scientists havereported three measurements that could be one sort of the desired anisotropies.
AZIM takes these anisotropies into account and allows geoscientists to more accurately map subsurface structures, identify faulting patterns, and optimize drilling locations.
This implies that the monopole arises from a stable source, while the anisotropies arise from separate unstable sources.
She classifies phenomena by the type of competing interaction involved to better present the underlying principles and universal laws governing the behavior of various systems, covering the basics of self-competition, competition between a short-range and a long-range interaction, competition between interactions on a scale of similar length, interplay between anisotropies and inter-particle interactions, and dynamic self-organization.
Another factor is that very high thermal anisotropies are possible in some cases (e.
There are several physical reasons, theoretical and experimental, that could justify a search for anisotropies in light propagation.