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a negatively charged ion

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It is interesting to prepare a new type of organic-inorganic anion exchange composite fibers (AECFs) based on PAN and silica gel by an ecofriendly route.
When an acid (AH) accumulates in the blood, the hydrogen ion [H+] is buffered by HCO3- and the retained acid anion [A-] contributes to unmeasured anions, raising the AG.
ions on the anodic behaviour of nickel in perchloric acid solution was examined in the concentration interval of anions from [10.
Inclusion Complexes of Halide Anions with Macrocyclic Receptors" Curr.
Guilty as charged: unmeasured urinary anions in a case of pyroglutamic acidosis.
The impaired balance between entrance and exit of xenobiotic/organic anions is important data, implying the elevated susceptibility to nephrotoxicity in humans/animals subjected to heavy muscle activity.
The achievement of electroneutrality requires that the sum of all anions equals the concentration of positive ions in the cell (mainly [K.
Root exudation of high concentrations of organic acid anions as a result of nutrient deficiency (P deficiency) may lower rhizosphere pH, making P and micronutrients such as Mn, Fe, and Zn more available in calcareous soils (Dinkelaker et al.
The HCSE scavenged DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl) radicals and superoxide anions with EC(50)s of 0.
Some researchers had suggested that anions, which have one or more extra electrons in comparison with a neutral molecule, might be too fragile to exist for long periods.
Likewise, there are a number of anions present in blood that are not included in the calculation.
The SIG concept exploits the fact that the plasma strong ion difference (SID), which is the net charge in mEq/1 of all fully dissociated plasma anions and cations (i.
ER is designed for simple water analyses, such as common anions and cations in drinking, surface and ground water matrices.
celtidifolius showed antioxidant properties, due to scavenged superoxide anions, inhibited deoxyribose degradation and lipidic peroxidation in vitro, and antiedematogenic effects by reducing paw edema induced by carrageenan in rats (Nardi et al.