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a hard copal derived from an African tree

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any of various resins or oleoresins


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I've heard Ubisoft would like to use the Animus version from the movie for their next game so it's very exciting.
In his school of analytical psychology, the anima and animus are the two basic anthropomorphic archetypes.
question the Court detecting animus only in Windsor.
It is against that historical backdrop that this culture of animus developed and permeated every institution of American life This is the basis of the marriage bans that are before the Supreme Court.
Animus boasts partners including former Scotland Yard detective Keith Hunter, whose London office was visited by ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko shortly before he died of polonium poisoning in 2006.
In Jungian terms, Ego evolves towards spirituality only if the inside Anima or Animus is evolving in the same direction.
However, Focus on the Family stands out because it uses the rhetoric of dissociation to carefully conceal the social animus behind its dissociation.
Despite teen puppy love, a tingly interest in male musculature, a profound lack of interest in sex with women, and no particular anti-gay animus, Rauch concluded only that he was "a monster," destined to be cut off from the pleasures of intimacy and family.
Both have lopsided personalities, Orlando, being unconscious of the strength of his animus, and Rosalind, having an overdeveloped anima to the detriment of her animus.
Three Pythons - Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin - sat alongside each other as their counsel, Richard Spearman QC, said they had no animus towards film producer Mark Forstater.
Dear Editor, Cardinal Keith O'Brien has oft expressed his animus against homosexuals who offend against the instructions he claims to receive from his imaginary friend.
While it shares the basic overall structure of the male journey--separation, initiation, and return--different challenges confront the female hero at many stages; for example, where the male hero at his nadir meets the goddess and confronts the woman as temptress, the female weds her animus and faces Bluebeard, the murderous husband.
Part of the protracted pace of negotiations with SSPX may well be their perception that the new Prefect harbours an animus against the group (Files from catholicculture.
Nafissatou Diallo's lawyers have said it should be clear that Strauss-Kahn, 63, has an animus toward women.