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(Jungian psychology) the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious

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Animas has selected Medtronic plc, a leader in diabetes, as its partner-of-choice to facilitate a seamless transition for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.
The designation came in the wake of the August 2015 Gold King Mine spill that released 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste into the Animas and San Juan rivers.
The J&J Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump, which launched on the market in 2008, features a Meter Remote (read: a wireless remote control) that wirelessly communicates from up to 10 feet away to deliver customized levels of insulin from the pump.
La pareja, que tiene una relacion amorosa, promueve en sus paginas de las redes sociales--Facebook, Twitter e Instagram--y hasta en la sede diplomatica mexicana en la capital de Estados Unidos, el mezcal Animas, presuntamente propiedad de Castro Vizcarra.
The discharge turned the color of Cement creek and the Animas river orange to mustard yellow as the pollution spread downstream.
Animas Crowdfunding will provide full end-to-end support to entrepreneurs to help them list their businesses for crowdfunding with a highly efficient process.
Paul Flynn, North American sales director at Animas Corporation, said the company introduced Animas Vibe to adult Canadians living with diabetes earlier this year.
It was conducted by Animas Corporation in collaboration with JDRF as part of an ongoing partnership to advance the development of a closed-loop artificial pancreas system for patients with Type 1 diabetes.
Teresa Archuleta, correctional counselor, Bent County Correctional Facility, Las Animas, Colo.
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has announced a partnership with Animas Corp.
The Animas Corporation, West Chester, PA, announced it will receive an $8 million grant over three years from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Philadelphia, PA, to help the company develop what it hopes will ultimately be an insulin-pumping "artificial pancreas" for treating diabetics.
Ella creyo que era una misa de animas, porque el padre estaba vestido todo de negro y habian solo senoras de luto y con la cabeza tapada con una toalla negra.
Basins of silver; the story of Silverton, Colorado's Las Animas mining district.
We have a long-term commitment to the treatment of diabetes, and Animas represents the next major building block in our strategy.
Using their own money, they built, and now manage the outpatient Animas Surgical Center, two blocks from Mercy.