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It is crucial that respect for animal welfare is maintained and this can only be achieved if the sentences available for serious animal welfare offences in the 2011 Act are imposed when justified, and that perpetrators receive a punishment that fits the crime.
That is why I am calling for the creation of a European Commissioner who would have clear responsibility for animal welfare.
Animal Action volunteer Lindsay Van Ginkel said: "We have a lot of people who raise initiatives to donate for animal welfare, but Sarah is the youngest.
She said the main goal for this training is to make producers, transporters and auctioneers aware of the importance of animal welfare, to train them on principles of Animal Welfare and to provide them with practical examples on how to improve Animal Welfare.
It shows the work that the Commission and the Food and Agriculture Organization are doing to improve animal welfare in developing countries.
The BBFAW Programme Director, Nicky Amos, said: "Farm animal welfare is increasingly recognised as a key issue for food businesses.
The forum, which was held at Dublin's City West Hotel, offered groups an important opportunity to discuss a range of key animal welfare issues.
Abstracts are provided for 126 oral and poster papers on connecting social and environmental aspects of measuring farm animal welfare; lessons from new and existing welfare assessment schemes; developing and validating animal welfare assessment or audit protocols; animal welfare assessment for zoos, laboratories, and animal shelters; new and emerging methods for assessing animal welfare; and working with end-users of animal welfare schemes.
David Bowles, RSPCA director of communications, said animal welfare is now mainly a formally-devolved issue, and the report recognises several significant milestones.
The main scope/objective was to make animal welfare a clear market advantage for the EU producer and to solve the frustration of the citizens not being able to choose proper welfare products, in particular when originating from third countries", explained the EU officials.
Summary: Sir Paul McCartney backs animal welfare groups lobbying to keep the hunting ban, potentially repealed if the Tories win the next election.
Liberal Democrat Defra spokesman and Cumbrian MP Tim Farron is now demanding a code of conduct for Government departments and wider public sector procurement to ensure local sourcing of food and from producers that comply with the highest animal welfare standards.
CHESHIRE West and Chester Council has won a coveted animal welfare award for the way it deals with stray dogs.
The three-day workshop, organised by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the Jordanian Veterinary Association, will discuss European animal welfare regulations as well as exchanging expertise between Europe and the Arab world to draft a national animal welfare law.
ANYONE interested in horticulture and animal welfare are invited to attend Kings Heath Park in Birmingham on Saturday August 1.
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