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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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After interviews have been compassed with long foresight we must be tormented presently by baffled blows, by sudden, unseasonable apathies, by epilepsies of wit and of animal spirits, in the heyday of friendship and thought.
I believe it is impossible to express, to the life, what the ecstasies and transports of the soul are, when it is so saved, as I may say, out of the very grave: and I do not wonder now at the custom, when a malefactor, who has the halter about his neck, is tied up, and just going to be turned off, and has a reprieve brought to him - I say, I do not wonder that they bring a surgeon with it, to let him blood that very moment they tell him of it, that the surprise may not drive the animal spirits from the heart and overwhelm him.
The title, Swimming with Elephants, refers to one of the powerful spiritual journeys that Seidelmann takes with Alice, her animal spirit guide, who appears in the form of a happy and supportive pachyderm.
So I ended up going to the zoo and studying animals - and figuring out who Leeloo was based on her animal spirit.
At the same time, in the woods, a vixen gives birth to three cubs, including a female, Kennen, an animal spirit guide of sorts akin to Harry Potter's Patronus.
They are musically brilliant, entertaining, funny and have the party animal spirit that the Red Hot Ball has become infamous for.
Last year, Singh had talked about unleashing animal spirit on the economy; Congress vice- president Rahul Gandhi, too, has been singing a similar tune to industrialists.
Animal Spirit explores the unique reciprocal relationship between animal and humankind in Aboriginal culture and teachings.
The shamans were believed to enter the supernatural world by putting themselves into a trance, usually to acquire unnatural powers, often through an animal spirit guide.
The characters can all transform except Hiro and he discovers his animal spirit just in time when all seems lost.
I consulted Animal Spirit Guides to know the deeper meaning for the cardinal's visit.
The applications in the eight chapters that follow are a bit more uneven, and it is not always easy to understand exactly how the animal spirit concept is being applied.
Until she is tricked by a bush baby and "borrowed" by the Animal Spirit Kingdom, she does not know that she has an ability to communicate with the animal spirits.
In the author's note, the reader discovers the difference between the traditional use of the word totem--a unifying clan symbol passed down through family lines--and the looser contemporary use of the word as an animal spirit guide gifted to an individual from the creator.
He himself struggles with an ambivalence borne of mistrust, the unquiet voices of the ancestors, and a rage that circles through time as if on wings, an animal spirit who will not be drugged into silence:</p>