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a public enclosure for stray or unlicensed dogs


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To help encourage adoptions, Anderson Animal Shelter is planning a major adoption event at each of its three adoption locations.
We rescue various kinds of animals all over the country, and relocate them here in our animal shelter for rehabilitation.
In participating in this selection process, each Proposer will be seeking the opportunity to manage and operate the Homer Animal Shelter, as described in Appendix A, pursuant to Homer City Code Title 20.
Brysons animal shelter manager Tracy Holmes said: "It costs PS250,000 a year to run the shelter.
This year, we are embracing the Collierville Animal Shelter in an effort to increase adoptions and gain adoption awareness which will include a volunteer event at the animal shelter and a local supply drive," said Allison Pierce, a Keller Williams Memphis RED Day coordinator.
Last year's drive resulted in more than 6,500 pounds of food and many toys, pet beds and other accessories being donated to a long list of humane societies and animal shelters.
Critique: Deftly written with candor, insight, personal responsibility, and genuine emotion, "The Unusual Diary of an Animal Shelter Volunteer" is informed, informative, occasionally iconoclastic, and always engaging, making it highly recommended reading for anyone concerned with animal rights issues, Wisconsin's animal shelter programs, or who has ever utilized an animal shelter to acquire a cat or a dog companion for themselves or their families.
GRATEFUL: Cliff Spedding from Hope Animal Shelter, on the right, with Gazette editor Chris Styles at the Wish cheque presentation
Demet Esra KE[micro]se, a member of the Hayvan Partisi (Animal Party), is more optimistic about the animal shelter issue, saying they would like to have a more positive and constructive approach to the municipality's plan.
The store provided fans, baby pools and water hoses to keep the animal shelter staff and the furry friends cool in the Texas heat.
Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way to stay active, meet people with similar interests, and feel good about giving back," says Karen Perkins, a volunteer at the Dog Adoption and Welfare Group (DAWG) in Santa Barbara, California.
A boy wonders about the life of his dog before he adopted him from the animal shelter.
Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane of Washington National Cathedral and the Venerable Gyumed KhensurRinpoche Lobsang Jampa, a senior monk at the Guhyasamaja Buddhist Center in Washington, blessed dogs and cats at a Washington animal shelter Nov.
LANCASTER -- The county plans to build a second animal shelter in the Antelope Valley to help ease overcrowding at the Lancaster shelter, which was built nearly 50 years ago.
However, if that same instructor modeled the shaping procedure in an animal shelter and then encouraged the students to perform it on their own, the students would very likely develop a deeper understanding of the use of the procedure and of its value in shaping truly desirable behaviors.