blood sport

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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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Sentencing Commission (USSC) to consider revising the federal sentencing guidelines for animal fighting, the ASPCA(The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is launching a campaign -- including a compelling new video -- urging the public to actively support stronger sentencing guidelines.
Chief inspector Ian Briggs, from the RSPCA's special operations unit, which investigates organised animal crime, said: "I've been investigating organised animal fighting for more than a decade and it still disgusts me knowing there are individuals who continue to take pleasure in watching animals brutally fight each other, often causing horrific and sometimes fatal injuries," he said.
Hopefully one day organised animal fighting can truthfully be described as a thing of the past.
The day after the animal fighting comments were publicized, it came out that King also decided to revisit the GOP's favorite criticism of President Barack Obama: that he was not actually born in the United States.
He was jailed for 24 weeks after admitting nine charges included causing animals to fight, keeping dogs for the purpose of animal fighting and causing unnecessary suffering.
Lee had previously admitted to three counts of animal fighting and was given three concurrent 23-week sentences for the crimes.
He said: "There's nothing worse than an animal fighting for its survival.
In 1976, Congress made participation in animal fighting a misdemeanor through amendments to the Animal Welfare Act.
Wildlife crime officer Andy Swinburne said after the case: "It is the worst catalogue of animal fighting that I have come across and it has appalled everybody that has been in touch with the investigation.
And that is probably just a fraction of the real total, said John Goodwin, manager of animal fighting issues at the Humane Society.
Under amendments to the Humane Care for Animals Act, it is now a Class 4 felony to manufacture any device or equipment intended for use in animal fighting, to possess or sell animal fighting equipment, or to make available a facility to host animal fighting.
Charges include possession of animal fighting equipment, training an animal to fight, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, possession of a pit bull-type dog, causing or taking part in an animal fight, or being present at an animal fight.
There are three issues in animal law of which there should be little debate: (1) banning animal fighting as a spectator sport by increasing the penalties for those that attend; (2) providing for bequests for the care of our pets after our death; and (3) prohibiting the hunting of domesticated animals on private game preserves or over the Internet.
Nothing desensitizes a young person to pain and death more than illegal animal fighting.
performed [a service] [an act] to facilitate animal [fighting] [baiting], including, but not limited to, [providing security] [refereeing] [handling or transporting animals] [being a stakeholder of any money wagered on animal fighting or baiting].