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Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

no longer active

no longer in existence


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the reduction of the intensity of radiation as a consequence of absorption and radiation

complete annihilation

a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus

the act of extinguishing

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The IPCC adds that endemic flora may fare even worse, which will in turn drive more animal extinctions.
This rise could see animal extinctions, ecosystem collapses, a trebling of poor harvests in Europe and Russia, more deserts in Africa and major increases in water shortages.
The relative contributions of human settlers and a changing climate to ancient Australian animal extinctions remain controversial (SN: 6/18/05, p.
The creator of the term "biodiversity," he has warned of the dangers that plant and animal extinctions pose to the biosphere and its human inhabitants.
It should not be surprising that, on a global basis, 75 percent of all recent animal extinctions have occurred on islands.
Bailey's outrageous claims, such as that "there's a broad consensus that exposure to synthetic chemicals, even pesticides, does not seem to be a problem," "documented animal extinctions peaked in the 1930s," "global warming is not a serious problem," "increased wealth, population, and technological development [automatically?
Some 75 percent of all known recent animal extinctions have been of island species.
Scientists say such changes are leading to drought, wildfires, rising sea levels, melting polar ice, plant and animal extinctions and other extreme conditions.