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a compound formed from one or more other compounds in a reaction resulting in removal of water

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Hence, it is likely that the anhydrate crystal has similar crystal system with the standard crystal data, which is triclinic.
5 gives an example from a study on self-healing capacity of concrete due to anhydrate cement left after hydration (He et al.
In this region, where dependence on imported fuels (like oil and derivatives) is almost total, there are soils and climates suited to agricultural production of energy whose potential has been known for centuries, and it is paradoxical that ethanol anhydrate is not consumed internally and exported in growing volume.
Different underfill materials, including acid anhydrate and non-acid anhydrate based materials, were evaluated for compatibility with the flux and lead-free solder bumps and process.
The ruling by Judge Richard Posner on the hemihydrate patent represents one element of the current legal action between GSK and Apotex, which is seeking to market an anhydrate form of paroxetine hydrochloride.
The laboratory is also expanded to include a second part in which a chemical mixture of the hydrate and anhydrate is analyzed and the weight percent of the hydrate in the mixture is determined.