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the ability of a microscope or telescope to measure the angular separation of images that are close together


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Abstract: Progress in high angular resolution techniques in the infrared (Adaptive Optics and Optical Interferometry) provided a wealth of new observaions of the circumstellar environment of evolved stars in their immediate vicinity.
From formula (5), it is seen that at constant angular resolution [gamma] linear resolution d is connected with altitude by proportional dependence.
This allows us to noticeably increase the angular resolution near the direction of mirror reflection.
Three-dimensional structure of the active region photosphere as revealed by high angular resolution.
In order to synchronize the velocity measurements with respect to the location of the lobs (blades), a shaft encoder that provides a pulse per revolution and 3600 train pulses, giving an angular resolution of 0.
has a high angular resolution to obtain sharp images of radio sources (with its high sensitivity, high-fidelity imaging, and excellent angular resolution, the SKA will have 20/20 vision compared with existing radio telescopes);
Moreover, says Bohlin, the CVO position sensor has been improved to offer exceptional angular resolution.
Using the VSOP's high angular resolution, the scientists were able to compare the flow direction of the jet and direction of the magnetic field from the area of the radio source, which is 50 million light years in length.
Astronomers will use the telescopes to search for planets around other stars, study spots on distant stars and witness star births, said Hal McAlister, director of the Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy at Georgia State University, who will head the project.
This innovative radar technology has also achieved high detection performance with a range resolution of less than 50cm and an angular resolution of 5 degrees, which enables to detect pedestrians and vehicles.
The next generation IACT experiment, the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will provide increased sensitivity across a wider energy range and with better angular resolution.
It's installed at the Georgia State Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy Array located on Mt.
Additionally, the event marks the first time a greater-than-100-MeV gamma-ray source has been localized to the sun's disk, thanks to the LAT's keen angular resolution.
High angular resolution (within milli-arcseconds) very long baseline interferometric (VLBI) water (H2O) maser observations toward massive star-forming regions is gradually improving our understanding of how massive stars are formed.
The perfect crystals provide high angular resolution while the multiple reflections suppress the "wings" of the beam profile, improving the signal-to-noise ratio to values comparable to that obtained with pinhole instruments.