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type genus of the Anguidae: blindworms

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2010: Slow worm, Anguis fragilis (Reptilia: Anguidae) as a species complex: genetic structure reveals deep divergences.
20) Ovidio Naso, Tercera Egloga, verso 93, donde aparece: Frigidus, o pueri, fugite hinc latet anguis in herba.
She also may have been attracted to the medicinal emblem because it represented her family name, Anguis sola.
En las ultimas paginas, que vuelven a reconocer con sinceridad el valor del Vaticano II, dejando, sin embargo, espacio a la objecion segun la cual no se puede negar que <<latet anguis in herba>>, de nuevo asoma la acusacion de la sustitucion del teocentrismo por el antropocentrismo como fundamento de la situacion a la que se ha llegado.
Carlos YAGUE ANGUIS (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
non aliter--Geticae si fas est credere Phlegrae-- armatum immensus Briareus stetit aethera contra, hinc Phoebi pharetras, hinc torvae Pallados anguis, inde Pelethroniam praefixa cuspide pinum Martis, at hinc lasso mutata Pyracmone temnens fulmina, cum toto nequiquam obsessus Olympo tot queritur cessare manus.
Arrayed around Crisium are Lacus Bonitatis, Mare Anguis, and Mare Undarum.
A snake-like form is besides visible in the Euro-Asiatic Anguis, in Ophisaurus graciIis or O.
FAMILY ANGUIS Terence Wheelock's father Larry, centre, and brothers Robert and Sammy yesterday' CALL: Demo and John's dad' Pictures: Collins Photos and Niall Carson/PA
Remarks--Vertebral characters that separate Ophisaurus from the closely related genus Anguis are given in Holman (1998).
The Highlanders tied the score in the fourth quarter and were driving for a possible game-winning score when Westlake's Dushan Anguis intercepted a pass and returned it 60 yards to the Royal 30 with approximately four minutes left.
See the discussion of Libra, the Anguis, and the horned moon (Georgics 1.
the composite becomes `Quos anguis Tristi diro cum vulnere Stravit hos sanguis Christi miro Tum munere lavit.
Cats also killed some reptiles (vipers Vipera berus, common lizards Zootoca vivipara, a slow worm Anguis fragilis) and amphibians Rana sp.
Las especies del genero Anguis (Ophisaurus; vease Flores Villela & Canseco Marquez 2004.