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Synonyms for Anguilla

a British colony in the West Indies

type genus of the Anguillidae: eels

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Strict alphabetical order is used, thus the entries commence with aal in German, being eel in English, anguille in French, anguila comun in Spanish and anguilla in Italian.
Continuing their father's legacy, Paul Kanavos, Chairman and CEO, and Peter Kanavos, EVP of Development and Construction, have developed world-class luxury real estate assets, including: The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach; The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa, Jupiter; Ferry Point Park Golf and Conference Center, New York City, and Temenos Anguila, A St.
IGA has operations in 49 states, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Thailand, as well as in the West Indies islands of Anguila, Antigua, St.