Angora rabbit

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domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair


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Franchesca, an Angora rabbit - the longest fur on a rabbit record |
Different records of wool traits (Clip I, II and III) and weaning weight for German Angora rabbit were obtained for a period of nine years (2001 to 2009).
It holds true for Angora rabbit as well, where the farmers concern primarily for growth and wool production; as the body weight is directly correlated to the wool yield of the animals (Jelinek et al.
She often takes her beloved Angora rabbit Bonito out and about, including on a popular recent trip to the Dudley Christmas lights switch-on.
Q MY angora rabbit has a small bald patch with dry, flaky skin surrounding it.
Declining population of sheep in the region forced the villagers to turn to Angora rabbit breeding, when the state rural development ministry launched the Angora wool scheme in March 2002.
ABI HUGGINS admits she's a sucker for a sob story so when she spotted Shaun the Angora rabbit, all shaved and forlorn she just had to adopt him.
Karina Lira, 9, and Janet Gonzalez, 9, both of San Fernando, watched and giggled as Skaggs produced Slipper, his blue-eyed, fluffy white Angora rabbit, out of a box.
I obtained a permit (and now get one every year) and listed my homemade goat milk soap, various jellies, dried herbs, vegetables I hoped to grow, items made from my Angora rabbit fur (that spinning and learning is still in progress
Angora rabbit wool production in a particular area, under conventional rearing system, is influenced greatly by climatic conditions, nutrition and management other than germplasm.
I re-homed an angora rabbit from the RSPCA and he's a fantastic character who makes a wonderful pet.
To that end, Betty Bingham of Thousand Oaks sat in one booth spinning a pile of pink-dyed Angora rabbit hair into thread.
She said, 'It's got angora rabbit hair in it so it's very soft and silky.
PHOTO (1--Color in AV Edition only) An Angora rabbit removed from an area home sits in an animal shelter cage Wednesday.
Finding deer almost every day down by the bush; waking to our cockerels crowing in the mornings; gathering warm eggs from the coop; drinking our own goat milk; walking into the corral and being surrounded by my goats all waiting for their cuddle; spinning my own angora rabbit fiber .