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a member of the Bantu tribes resident in Angola

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His relatives have been informed, states Bulgaria's Foreign Affairs Ministry, adding that it remains in touch with Angolese authorities and SAIPEM-ENI regarding the incident.
The Chinese are helping with postwar reconstruction, although the poverty rate is stuck at 75 percent of the population, and they have been accused of spurning Angolese labor.
Shaw provides a brief discussion of the roots of samba, recounting the widely accepted link to a variety of round dances of Angolese and Congolese origin known as batuques, which were widespread in colonial Brazil among the enslaved African populations.
The remaining part in both companies is held by the Angolese Government.
Brothers in Arms" van Dire Straits roep die eerste kontak met die Angolese weermag en dooie FAPLA soldate op.
Our ability to fabricate high quality components in Angola provides important local content for projects of this type and enables us to develop a skilled Angolese work force who will play an increasingly important part in the construction and maintenance of the deepwater oilfields off Angola in the years ahead.