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During the visit to Angola, the DMCC delegation also highlighted its adherence to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which authenticates ethically sourced diamonds.
Angola wishes to attract foreign investors in all sectors, primarily agriculture, infrastructure, industry and energy.
Dan Mozena, the American ambassador to Angola, said that the credit facility aims to allow the four Angolan banks to provide their customers with a better service and support Angola's massive national reconstruction programme.
Angola is a party to the 1988 UN Drug Convention, the 1971 UN Convention Against Psychotropic Substances, and the 1961 UN Single Convention as amended by the 1972 Protocol.
Angola update: The Black Antelopes gave strong, if unsophisticated, performances in a 1-0 loss to Portugal and scoreless draw with Mexico, and their speed and athleticism could case Iran great trouble.
In what has been a disappointing World Cup so far for African teams, Angola had to endure a torrid opening spell but came into the game and created their own chances.
In handball Angola have qualified for the men's 2007 World Cup while the women won the African title.
Angola has a population of between 12 and 14 million people and a density of 11 people per square kilometre, 64 per cent live in rural areas, where the majority live off of subsistence farming.
This year our humanitarian assistance to Angola is nearly $100 million.
Tempers began to fray 12 minutes in, with the Angola players angered that Yamba Asha was given a yellow card for a clash with Pauleta.
Increasing focus on non-oil sectors coupled with expanding vehicle fleet to increase tyre sales in Angola through 2020
The visit is also a follow-up of of the visits to Angola by Minister for Trade Ewa BjE[micro]rling in May 2013 and Minister for Enterprise Annie LE[micro]E[micro]f in November 2013.
PRNewswire -- Angola LNG has delivered its first cargo of liquefied natural gas to Brazil.
com)-- Now that Angola's reserves have returned to end-2008 levels and a new investment law is in place, potential investors should again have the confidence to look seriously at the non-oil investment opportunities in that country, says the Honorary Chief Executive of the South Africa - Angola Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Roger Ballard-Tremeer.