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Anglophone grievances turned on a self-conception of former west Cameroon as a distinct community defined by differences in official language and inherited colonial traditions of education, law, and public administration, in the popular wisdom of the Anglophones, the post colonial nation-state building had been defined by the singular determination of the Francophone elites to erase the cultural and the institutional foundation of Anglophone identity .
The approaches that critique genetique represents are remarkably little known and practiced in the Anglophone domain.
In the current era of globalization, the influence of exposure to the Anglophone culture and the use of the modern lingua franca--English--is an important issue that triggers heated debates across the globe (see e.
Consider, for example, that in this decade one in four Harlem residents was an immigrant, most likely from someplace in the anglophone Caribbean.
There is an infinite sadness about this book, since the promising young author, one of his eminent subjects, Bate Besong, and a respected film and TV producer, Kwasen Gwangwa, had died tragically in a motor car accident on March 8th 2007, shortly before the publication of Ambe's study of Anglophone theatre in the predominantly Francophone Cameroon.
Les difficultes habituelles bien connues des francophones, comme le fait de tenir une reunion en anglais parce qu'il y a un unilingue anglophone dans le groupe, sont expliquees ainsi que l'inquietude montante de ces unilingues dont les traditions sont bousculees.
Keizer reads works by five authors from the US and the Anglophone Caribbean as expressions of black theories of subjectivity, and sets each of these fictional theories against what she calls an "established" theory of identity formation to show how theories that "arise from the particularity and variety of black experience, re-imagined in fiction, force us to reconsider the conceptual bases of established theories of subjectivity" (2).
How about unilingual Anglophone males who wanted to escape from crummy jobs or further schooling.
In the midst of this turmoil, Canadian collaborators John Gray and Eric Peterson constructed a clean-cut, Anglophone national identity in the person of World War I fighter pilot Billy Bishop: scrappy, strong-jawed, defiant -- a mischievous small-town boy who could shoot down those Huns like a kid on a turkey hunt.
Profil de la communaute anglophone des Cantons-de-l'Est.
You may say toh-MAY-toh while I may say toh-MAH-toh, and before calling the whole thing off we might argue intelligently and even rewardingly about the fascinating difference of Anglophone pronunciation across the world.
The new IASB constitution provides for a super-majority of nine, thereby requiring one more anglophone vote--hardly representative of anything except US interests.
Claude McKay's and Countee Cullen's works were published by the Black Manikin, a small Anglophone publishing house that was once located at 4, rue Delambre.
Mais la realite est plus complexe et on assiste a un developpement d'un cinema anglophone meme dans la partie francophone et avec des modes d'expression qui tentent de concilier l'ancrage identitaire dans des formes qui empruntent aux codes forges par Hollywood.
A pervading motif in recent Anglophone West African poetry is the narration of the pains and gains of exile; this marks a shift in the thematic focus from the poetry of dehumanization at home to the poetry of humiliation abroad, and by extension, the subtle stigmatization of African leaders for their irresponsible governance.