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dislike (or fear) of Britain and British customs

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97) Some newspapers regretted William ITs comments about the Anglophobia of his own people because it seemed to tarnish Germany's image abroad.
24) One can also wonder if, paradoxically, this anglophobia could be a disguised form of homophobia linked to the English and their so-called homosexual tendency.
but because of the universally dominant Anglophobia, it is not easy [to convince public opinion of this].
Anti-imperialism, and particularly a sentiment of Anglophobia (due to the domination of British capital in transport and trade), impregnated left and right ideologies; the Liberal ideas of a break with the past and of cosmopolitanism began to be questioned in the search for a national identity that resulted in a conservative modernity.
Roy repeatedly criticises the SNP for its Anglophobia, Europhobia, right-wingery and general eccentricities across the post-war period (pp.
That Nietzsche sneered at Darwin and scoffed at Spencer did not deter Mencken--these would be explained away as a function of the philosopher's intolerance, egotism, and acute Anglophobia.
63) The trilogy also berates the varieties of Middle Eastern nationalism, including Zionist insurgency in Palestine, anti-French demonstrations in Syria and such Anglophobia in sections of Egyptian society that support is developing for Rommel: '"when the Germans are at the gate"', Harriet is told by one Cairene, '"then we cut the English throats"'.
Jon Meacham (2012) has argued that Jefferson's Anglophobia was, in fact, "real to him" (p.
25) Crawford told Stonehaven that the American actions at Geneva would undoubtedly cause a wave of Anglophobia to arise in the United States due to a number of things.
Together, they suggest that had the French pursued a successful invasion not only would it have resulted in a creation of a 'puppet state', but also Tone's mounting Anglophobia and revolutionary enthusiasm must have made for a distinctly unstable (and bloody) period in Irish history.
Foreman's brilliant description of the ups and downs of the relationship between these two men is one of the many ways in which she brings out the touchy post-colonial temperament of mid-19th-century American culture, which combined Anglophobia and Anglophilia in a curiously unstable amalgam.
For one, he had none of the French Anglophobia stimulated by events like Mers-el-Kebir (the battle in 1940 off the coast of French Algeria when the British Navy attacked and destroyed much of the French fleet), which soldiers like Colonel Serge-Henri Parisot never got over even up to his death last February at age 100.
fleet commanders adroitly sidestepped King's mandate that the British fleet be self-sufficient, a concern that Sarantakes argues was based more on genuine logistical concerns than on King's alleged Anglophobia.
Calhoun as they waged their campaign, rife with Anglophobia, to annex Texas.