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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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I aver that although some Welsh Romantic novels, like Lockhart's Peter's Letters, seem to enact this model of Anglocentric imperial appropriation, others trouble it by conceiving of the Welsh (and by extension British) national identity as consciously reliant upon fictionalized history and invented tradition.
Shakespeare's history plays consciously distanced themselves from their sources--the ideologically tinged historiography and Anglocentric narrative of Holinshed's and Halle's histories--without wholly abandoning the "Tudor myth" and the weltanschauung of English exceptionalism.
The 20 tonnes of original, Anglocentric material is currently in a specially built, air-conditioned and atmospherically controlled containment unit in Greenwich, London.
Part 2, perhaps the most Anglocentric section in an Anglocentric book, discusses woodland use, arguing for much greater stability between Roman and early modern times than believers in the "Great Clearances" have allowed.
The chapters are arranged in roughly chronological order beginning with Gilgamesh and Genesis, and consider history and culture from an Anglocentric perspective.
Chapter 3, 'Social Network Sites', and Chapter 4, 'Participation and User Created Content', trace current arguments on the nature of sociality, network and community in online environments, and highlight what the authors view as the Anglocentric nature of social network analysis and scholarship.
The book represents an Anglocentric narrowness which this reviewer does not find appropriate for the 21st Century and the idea of Existential Therapy as a truly international endeavour with a forthcoming world conference.
Shakespeare was, not surprisingly, Anglocentric in his histories, but his tragedies and some of his comedies ranged widely across the known world, from Italy to Egypt.
James Willoughby's otherwise Anglocentric chapter also takes in the English hospital in Rome and pays much attention to the imported (Latin) books desired by his educated audience.
Francis Xavier University in 2011, plus five invited chapters and an introduction--means to redress outdated tendencies in Celtic Studies scholarship, including the perpetuation of an anglocentric master narrative that elides the "identity and historical experiences of Celtic-speaking peoples in the Americas" under those of their colonial rulers.
The London-based media are largely anglocentric in their reporting, covering decisions and strategies that are specifically English in their delivery and outcome.
In a text moving beyond an exclusively Anglocentric perspective on culture and cultural tourism, and linking cultural heritage and identity, Raj (Leeds Metropolitan U.
In short, this study has the potential to empower students of modern Anglo-Irish writing and culture to respond to Kiberd's call for a linguistically and culturally "united Ireland," allowing us to realign whole areas of Irish studies relative to an early modern Gaelophone Ireland freed at last from the reductive anglocentric frames that we have inherited from Spenser and Swift on the one hand, and from the antiquarianists and Celticists whose work preserved but also reified so much of the Gaelophone literary inheritance.
Ngugi wa Thiong'o argument is that the more the critical temper of the African is influenced by the Anglocentric critical tradition, the more gradual they become, in the words of James Baldwin, "Black Westerners" (Baldwin qtd.
The bright open illustrations showing some of the endless possibilities for picturing dads is primarily Anglocentric in its perspective with a nod in the direction of Aussie men.