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an American who was born in Britain or one whose ancestors were British

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Continental thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze and Etienne Balibar have offered various interpretations of Spinoza's thinking, although they are cited by few AngloAmerican Spinoza scholars.
The Traditions of the Maori People (1904), with international celebrity Rudyard Kipling's 'Songs of the White Men' (1899) written to defend AngloAmerican expansionism.
2) This is from an essay on Pasternak, and Jakobsen is thinking primarily of developments in Russian art, but the proposition is familiar to us as perhaps the definitive way of thinking about the evolution of AngloAmerican modernism, as it navigates its way out of the self-reflecting, interiorised world of the fin-de-siecle decadence and into the light of an external world which is, as it were, seen clearly again for the first time since Homer, Dante and Shakespeare.
Away from crime fiction, he cites authors like Cormac McCarthy - writer of No Country for Old Men, recently filmed - and the AngloAmerican humorist PG Wodehouse.
They are most concerned about the ANC jibes about the "nationalization through the backdoor" of the mining giant AngloAmerican - with the suggestion that all South Africans should all be given shares in the company to push Black economic empowerment.
Some of the latest transfers from English certify the strong global Angloamerican linguistic influence of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Performing Translation in Contemporary AngloAmerican Drama,' in Theatre Journal, 59:3, pp.
1997 "Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty Through Peacemaking: How the AngloAmerican Legal Tradition Destroys Indigenous Societies.
But Mr Hertz, an AngloAmerican who has also worked in New York, London, Tokyo and Brussels, began to question the London-only myth.
Read Dorn's little essay "Adios Jefferson, Hasta La Vista Madison, Chinga Su Madre Adams: the scapegoating of the Angloamerican literary inheritance by the descendants of the Armada" in Way West and you get a taste of some of what occupied him in later years.
3) Cultural and literary critics, such as Gloria Anzaldua, have seen the borderlands as a "third country in-between" AngloAmerican and Mexican cultures, characterized by a high degree of hybridity and resistance.
5) One might add to this the militarily unjustified razing of the venerable monastery of Monte Cassino, a true cradle of Western culture as a whole and a holy shrine to any Christian, by AngloAmerican forces, a misdeed that seems all but forgotten nowadays.
Scott,Tim Curry and former Star Trek commander Patrick Stewart in AngloAmerican versions.