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Synonyms for Anglo-Norman

the French (Norman) language used in medieval England


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She has a keen eye for the implications and nuances that emerge as subsequent generations rewrite Dervorgilla, Diarmuid, and the Anglo-Norman invasion as archetypes of the unfaithful wife, the traitor, and the stranger in the house.
Steve Flanders, De Courcy: Anglo-Normans in Ireland, England and France in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2008, 208 pp.
In "'Pur les francs homes amender': Clerical Authors and the Thirteenth-Century Context of Historical Romance," Rosalind Field turns attention away from the glamorous baronial patrons of the Anglo-Norman historical romances to the sometimes disparaged clerical authors to show what interests were being served by them.
However, in dividing the surviving corpus of Anglo-Norman and English romances in terms of the direction of translation, she reveals the contemporaneous nature of the transmission of romances of different origins, rather than a gradual shift from French to English or continental to insular.
John Spence offers an account of several Anglo-Norman manuscript genealogies that is informative as to their content but avoids any discussion the material forms in which they appear.
In recent years, various Anglo-Norman historians have received a surprising amount of attention from scholars of literature or from historians who focus primarily on the histories as texts.
The Anglo-Norman Dictionary has an entry for beitrer, where it is explained as 'to steer' and the variant forms beiter, beitier are also listed.
The one is a translation of the Hebrew Psalms extant in the Eadwine Psalter, a deluxe psalterium triplex that contains Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman glosses to two of its three Psalters (the Romanum and Hebrew versions respectively); the other is the so-called Oxford Psalter, a prose translation of the entire Gallican Psalter whose earliest, and in this context most important, witness is the rather humble Oxford, Bodleian MS Douce 320 (the Montebourg Psalter).
Blanton dedicates her final two chapters to works aimed at lay audiences, first analyzing a thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman life composed by one who identifies herself only as "Marie.
Because of the linguistic situation in post-Conquest England, the specificity of Middle English translations of Anglo-Norman romances and the interest that they hold can mainly be attributed to the fact that they do not mediate between cultures separated by geographical distance.
The object of study has now expanded and is no longer limited to texts composed in English but comprises the written production in Anglo-Norman, Latin and Welsh, too.
Built in 1228 by the Anglo-Norman de Burgos family, it has hosted presidents and princes - Ronald Reagan visited in 1985 and the then Prince of Wales, later George V, in 1905.
After a thoughtful and learned introduction from the editors, which at once lays out the history of the collection, the details and relationships of the contributions, and the place of this volume in issues of editing and printing overall, the first group of essays evaluates the editing of the Cursor Mundi, Anglo-Norman texts, and Malory.
The Vie Seinte Osith is a little-known Anglo-Norman verse life of an early English virgin martyr.
Contemplating texts from multiple periods in English, French, Anglo-Norman, and Latin, each of literary, dramatic, legal, historical, and musical significance, The Book Unbound includes essays about how to edit sung objects, digitizing nearly unreadable fragments, using server-side databases, and much more.