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the French (Norman) language used in medieval England


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The book focuses on specific seminal moments in Irish history occurring in 1152-1172: the "flight" of Dervorgilla (wife of Tieman O'Rourke) with Diarmuid, Diarmuid's banishment, his invitation to the Anglo-Normans, and King Henry II's presence in Ireland.
19) This high level of confidence in the legitimacy of their cause presents a striking contrast to the more ambivalent impression given by an Anglo-Norman account of the same events.
While there is some Anglo-Norman presence, it amounts to one ringwork and one moated site, and Breen is continually encouraging the reader to consider the possibility of continuity in settlement forms (ringforts and cashels) between the two periods; but it has to be noted that there is no direct evidence for recurrent occupancy within the Beara peninsula.
Dean's indispensable Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts lists this text as item 942, describing it as 'A series of prayers and meditations drawn from the Fathers and the Bible'.
the collective descendants of the Anglo-Norman invaders who partially conquered Ireland in the twelfth century and who primarily, but not exclusively, inhabited the English-dominated area surrounding Dublin, known then as "the English Pale").
Ireland lies outside Britain, but the Normans invaded Ireland in 1181, and there were many Anglo-Norman foundations in Ireland.
Although it precedes the Anglo-Norman Conquest of Wales by half a century, Magna Carta gives precedence in Wales to laws made in Wales.
A number of these tower houses were part of the manorial economy, located at the agricultural and administrative centres established by the early Anglo-Norman settlers.
Then she turns to the transmission of the Troy stories to the Middle Ages in Europe through Chaucer, an Anglo-Norman poem titled Eneas, ultimately leading to Early Modern adaptations like Shakespeare's Troilus and Criseyde.
STRONGBOW'S TOMB: Strongbow summed up the qualities of the Anglo-Norman elite through his energetic opportunism, military prowess and acquisitive efficiency.
Romances of Continuity in the English Rous Roll," by Yin Liu, traces the four forms by which John Rous constructs a continuous narrative of the earls of Warwick from the Anglo-Saxon period, through Guy of Warwick and his descendants, into the historical Anglo-Norman earls and down to Rous's own fifteenth century: the four are biographies, portraits, coats of arms, and genealogical charts.
The subject is challenging since the majority of houses were of Anglo-Norman foundation.
Chapter 2 discusses Gerald of Wales and the Anglo-Norman conquest of Ireland.
Beowulf and Other Stories: A New Introduction to Old English, Old Icelandic and Anglo-Norman Literatures.
Of particular interest is the methods by which the Welsh resourcefully preserved their culture and heritage despite Anglo-Norman conquest, pestilence, volatile economic fluctuations, and more.