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a doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition

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As well as continental Catholicism and England's Anglo-Catholicism, Ireland presented another Catholic threat, particularly with the influx of Irish immigrants practicing their faith.
His researches into Anglo-Catholicism, 'The Oxford Movement by the End of the Nineteenth Century: The Anglo-Catholic Clergy' were published in Church History (44.
Roberto Goizueta ("Because God is Near, God is Real: Symbolic Realism in US Latino Popular Catholicism and Medieval Christianity") gives both historical and theological interpretations of the use of symbols in Latino Catholicism, ascribing its differences from Anglo-Catholicism to the rise of nominalism in later medieval Christianity (p.
Uncomfortable with Eliot's Anglo-Catholicism (which he oddly confused with Puritanism), more distant still from Dante's vision, unconvinced by Sikelianos's grand post-Christian belief in a transcendent divine, Seferis's best guess about his final destiny, haltingly but with conviction advanced in these mysterious poems, is for a final consummation of all things in a refining fire.
However, very few if any connections are made between Rossetti and the Tractarians, perhaps with the exception of William Robertson Nicoll's description of Rossetti as "the great poetess of Catholic Christianity," in other words, Anglo-Catholicism.
Pittenger identified with liberal Anglo-Catholicism and pitched his writings to a broad theological audience; Cobb moved from a scholastic orientation to a praxis-centered theology of ecological and interreligious transformation; Griffin related process thought to postmodernism; Suchocki fashioned a metaphorical feminist theology that emphasized the relationality of process thought.
Largely because of their Anglo-Catholicism, they all help to reveal the inexhaustible theological meaning of the poem as a function of the allegory that Dante in his genius embedded in the poem.
John Shelton Reed, "'A Female Movement': The Feminisation of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Catholicism," Anglican and Episcopal History LVII: 2 (June 1988).
Gerald Studdert-Kennedy illustrates the confusion of Christianity with colonialism in the case of High Church Anglo-Catholicism.
Some of the best work on Newman and the Oxford Movement over the past two decades has dealt with the internal contradictions of sexuality, a project that goes back to David Hilliard's 1982 article, "Unenglish and Unmanly: Anglo-Catholicism and Homosexuality" and that is explored beautifully by Oliver S.
They think that Anglo-Catholicism is the only Anglican tradition.
Ordered Estates: Anglo-Catholicism and British Immigrants in Hamilton.
His most recent book is Glorious Battle: The Cultural Politics of Victorian Anglo-Catholicism (Vanderbilt University Press).
But his ostensibly democratic New Critical pedagogy, which grows out of a desire to witness to the American undergraduate the unity of literary texts, is at odds with the exclusive nature of Eliot's literary tradition, especially when constructed in the service of Anglo-Catholicism.
Paz discusses the problems the Church of England faced, especially with the rise of Anglo-Catholicism.