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the act of anglicizing

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Steven Reid, born in London but Irishcapped, believes there has been some benefit to the anglicisation of the Baggies team, regardless of whether it has been by design or not.
He was noted for his nationalism, spirituality and deep dislike of the anglicisation of Wales.
She has kept Tolstoy's essays, which interrupt the narrative in Books III and IV but has undone the Aylmers' Anglicisation of Russian names.
France has a notoriously nationalistic workforce, with staff frequently complaining about the growing Anglicisation of working practices - from English being used as the exclusive language of business to reduced lunch breaks.
Inchnadamph is set in a remote region and the name is an anglicisation of the Gaelic Innis nan Damh meaning meadow of the stags.
It is the Anglicisation of pog mo thoin, meaning kiss my a***.
The Pogues were founded in King''s Cross, in 1982 as Pogue Mahone- the Anglicisation of the Irish pg mo thin, meaning kiss my a**e.
After years of post-war Anglicisation and Americanisation, seven out of 10 Germans speak some English, The Telegraph reported.
Alors qu'il redoutait que les enseignantes ne soient rappelees dans leurs communautes d'origine, il s'agissait d'un acte de protestation contre r anglicisation croissante des ecoles publiques du Manitoba.
So, too, was the business of universalising Greenwich Mean Time during the 1880s, when Dublin and Paris took exception to this Anglicisation of the clock.
Much has been said about the American test, but it is clear that the mere Anglicisation of the language used in it would be insufficient to translate it into a British context.
the word curry is actually an anglicisation of the word kari, meaning black pepper - by the 17th century, the gentlemen of the British Empire were using the word curry as an all encompassing term to describe any broth, stew or dry preparation that included spices.
It features complete Anglicisation, more than 5,000 extra pieces of multimedia and new features such as the research organiser to help with projects.
A central theme is the tug of war between Anglicisation and the preservation of Jewish identity, and the exhibits range from the exotic to the familiar and back.
Anglicisation of Welsh place names FURTHER to the interesting debate about the origins of the name 'Lleyn' or 'Llyn'yn,' I'm afraid that Dr Robyn Lewis is not totally correct, either.