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Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, said it was good for all of the provinces in the Americas to have an opportunity to come together to talk about mission.
The Anglican Church in America is for people who are searching for the unchanging church, for a solid ground that is not going to change next month or next year.
5m members in the America division, the appointment of Gene Robinson--who has lived with his male partner for 15 years--has forced into the open an issue that may result in the 50m-member Primates of the Global South in Africa (The Anglican Church in Africa) to abandon their allegiance to the mother church in England.
The agreement outlines the way in which the Anglican Church and the federal government will participate in compensating Indian residential school students who suffered sexual and physical abuse at the schools, and provides for compensation to those students who have valid claims.
decision because he sees it as threatening the unity of the worldwide Anglican Church.
The Essentials Network, a conservative and evangelical group of orthodox Anglicans, has moved to distinguish itself decisively from the ecclesial structures of the Anglican Church of Canada.
There is an awareness of that connection because each member church has a common origin - the Anglican Church in England.
In June 1824 he was ordained a deacon in the Anglican Church of England, and the following year he was ordained priest.
There are certain constants whenever General Synod, the governing body of the Anglican Church of Canada, meets every three years, said some church leaders who have previously attended many such gatherings.
Mary's is a congregation that takes pride in a threefold historical legacy - its own as the only Anglican Catholic Church in the Valley, Chatsworth's pioneer roots and that of the Anglican Church.
For example, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) registered 31,215 baptisms in 1967 but only 13,493 in 1995, a drop of 57 per cent.
The 2007 Anglican Church Directory, an annual reference book published by ABC Publishing, in the section that normally carries national statistics, now carries a sentence that reads: "Figures will be available in 2008 after the installation of a new statistics-gathering system.
Marney Patterson, Suicide: The Decline and Fall of the Anglican Church of Canada, Cambridge Publishing House, Cambridge, ON, 1999, 257pp, $19.
A new Canadian traditionalist movement, this one stirring within the bosom of the Anglican Church itself, is called the "Essentials.
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