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a resident of Anjou

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After a brief war for control of the Angevin Empire's continental possessions, John captured his nephew Arthur in 1202, sending him to Rouen in the custody of a trusted Baron, William de Braose.
Time Preference and Investment," Document de travail du Groupe de Recherche Angevin en Economie et Management.
I didn't know that it was what the Neapolitans call the Castel Nuovo--the New Castle--even though it had been built by the Angevin French King of Naples in the 13th Century.
It was part of the Plantagenets' Angevin Empire under Henry II and where the Duke of Wellington attended a military academy.
Former Baseball Angevin writer James Baile) anchors his first novel, "The Greatest Show on Dirt," in the home park of the Durham Bulls, the storied minor league franchise for which he worked years ago.
Because of some details, which we have indicated for the first time, we believe that most probably the paintings known as Opere di misericordia represented in two horizontal strips with seven scenes on each in the central apse, were painted in the Angevin period and not in the Norman period as stated by Parente.
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However, Robin Angevin, the stable's runner in today's finale (4.
Leandro da Silva Sauer, Luis Valero Aguayo, Francisco Velasco Alvarez y Ricardo Ron Angevin
As Morosini notes, Boccaccio had access at a young age to a rich collection of maps and accounts of voyages while he was associated with the Angevin court of Naples.
Elisa Angevin, an 18-year-old freshman from Texas, says she was initially reluctant to give FOCUS a chance, but she went to a meeting anyway at the urging of her best friend.
Medievalists from the anglophone Atlantic offer younger or less specialized scholars an entry to the most crucial historical document for England from the Anglo-Saxon invasion to the Angevin period.
Named to second honors are: Amelia Angevin and Sarah Saliba, of Berlin, and Lindsay Johnson, of Clinton.
There are a handful of outlying Angevin dolmens, and, along the south coast, a number of 'transcepted' tombs, and of these a minority faced westerly.
56) Richard son, The English Jewry under Angevin Kings, p.