Hail Mary

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a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to her


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We know that, as early as the twelfth century, the custom of combining the Angelic Salutation and the Our Father was established.
Saint Thomas Aquinas points out, in his Commentary on the Angelic Salutation, that the name 'Mary' in the Syriac language means 'Lady'.
To the name of Jesus, at the end of each Angelic Salutation, was added a short clause ('clausule' in French).
So far I have spoken of the origins of the Rosary, considering its first component; that is, the distinguishing of 15 decades of Angelic Salutations by inserting the Lord's Prayer.
Printed in gold, the angelic salutation is repeated apparently infinitely, as a chant, poem, incantation and prayer, dematerializing the massive, inert volume of the cube.