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(Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology

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On the heels of MOTHER ANGELICA, the fundamentalist tele-evangelist, comes the ANGELIC DOCTOR, a metaphoric name for Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Remarkably, the Jewish community appealed to the authority of Thomas Aquinas to reject baptism against the will of the parents and concluded that the pope himself had disregarded the teaching of the Angelic Doctor (120)
The Angelic Doctor warns us that lust is a vice opposed to knowledge and understanding: "'blindness of mind arises from lust"' (STh II-II q.
He engages the Angelic Doctor in extensive conversations showing how the two sons of St.
In fact, it is surprising that he makes no reference to Aquinas's exposition of Job, since the Angelic Doctor there explicitly states that his purpose is to discuss human affairs as ruled by divine providence, especially affairs dominated by evil.
For Paine, Chesterton should not only be properly regarded as a philosopher, after the Angelic Doctor himself, but as the philosophical doctor for diseased modern man.
Throughout the twentieth century, the Church has been served by a powerful array of thinkers formed in the school of the Angelic Doctor [St.
Yet, it is a scholarly commonplace that history, post-Aquinas, presents us with the development of many variant and perhaps deviant Thomisms undreamt of by the Angelic Doctor.
The thought is critically important in reminding us that the battles we wage on that front today are but different aspects of the same internal and external fights the Angelic Doctor fought more than 800 years ago.
Politely but flatly disagreeing with classical writers of note--Fenelon, Bossuet, the Angelic Doctor himself--C, states his case.
These essays show how the Angelic Doctor remains a necessary conversation partner for moral theology today, and this landmark collection ensures that the conversation will occur.