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of flowering plants (especially grasses etc) that are pollinated by the wind

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Likewise, some of these functional traits cannot be interpreted as adaptations to anemophily, since their character states appear to be ancestral rather than derived, e.
Optimum pollen and female receptor size for anemophily.
Anemophily is often associated with dioecy in many plant groups (Sporne, 1965).
For a portion of the flora, anemophily is not a surprise, given the condition among presumed ancestors.
For another portion of the flora, anemophily is not so clearly expected.
Anemophily is the "poor relation" of pollination biology; more is known about insect pollination of old-field and alpine-meadow herbs than about wind pollination of the trees, shrubs, and graminoids that dominate vegetation in most of the temperate and boreal regions.