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a potent androgenic hormone produced chiefly by the testes

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24 October 2011 - US Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE:WPI) said Friday its Androderm (testosterone transdermal system), 2 mg and 4 mg formulation received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.
Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE:WPI) reported on Friday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Androderm (testosterone transdermal system) 2 mg and 4 mg formulation.
El parche de Androderm se aplica por la noche en el abdomen, muslos o brazos y libera 2.
The 36-year-old arrived at the Australian airport on 13 May 2003 and was detained along with a 29-year-old female cyclist after Australian customs officers discovered 30 tablets of the anabolic steroid Stanozolol and two Androderm testosterone patches inside a hard plastic bicycle case.
Key products include Ferrlecit, an intravenous iron for use in the dialysis setting; Trelstar, an LHRH agonist for treating advanced prostate cancer; Androderm, a transdermal patch for testosterone replacement therapy in men; and Oxytrol, a transdermal patch for treating overactive bladders.
At the conclusion of this trial, 97 percent of Striant patients had an average testosterone concentration within the physiologic (normal) range, compared to 56 percent in the Androderm group.
Further, the company said its data supported the conclusion that a 25 cm2 patch of Dermatrends is expected to deliver 5 mg of testosterone across human skin while the size of 5 mg of Androderm is 44 cm2.
The 5 mg/day Androderm system is awaiting regulatory approval.
This is a significant step forward in the marketing of Androderm," noted Dinesh C.
The effects of testosterone administration in HIV-infected men using Androderm -- a transdermal system for testosterone replacement therapy in men with conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone developed by TheraTech Inc.
SmithKline Beecham markets the product under the name Andropatch(TM) in the UK and Ireland, and as Androderm in the United States.
Factors contributing to TheraTech's continuing profitability included: product sales revenues, which are continuing to grow as a result of the Alora and Androderm One-Patch launches; strong research and development revenues; and management's ongoing success in controlling expenses.