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Medina took immediate action to limit the damage by firing warden Andres Martinez, who was originally given the job despite a history of colluding with organized crime.
The evening's winning team argued for the motion and included Andres Martinez, Director of the New America Foundation's Bernard L.
Clinton residents: Janelle Belanger, Sarah Brooks, Ian Ebstein, Daniel Guzman, Brittany Hutchinson, Kelly Kerrigan, Lacey Lemanski, Jeffrey Lipka, Mariah Lovejoy, Johnathan Lucht, Andres Martinez, Valerie Nyaigoti, Megan Pasquale and Rebecca Rowell.
We are an internetworking solutions provider," says Andres Martinez, director of business development in Miami.
McGovern, the Fund's investment team includes Nicholas Kaiser, George Kase, Andres Martinez, P.
The reason for this decision is that a potential conflict of interest had emerged over a personal relationship between The Times' Editorial Page Editor Andres Martinez and a public relations executive from a firm doing work for Brian.
Also today, Andres Martinez has submitted his resignation and I have accepted it.
Andres Martinez for "Harvesting Poverty" in The New York Times
We asked Brian Grazer to kick off the program because we wanted to tap into his creative vision," said Andres Martinez, editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times.
The changes were announced by Times Editorial Page Editor Andres Martinez, who assumed responsibility for the daily Op-Ed page and the Sunday Current section in September.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Andres Martinez, editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times, will now oversee the op-ed page and Sunday Current, in addition to his responsibilities for the editorial page, it was announced today by Jeffrey M.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Andres Martinez has been appointed editor of the editorial page, it was announced today by Michael Kinsley, editorial and opinion editor of the Los Angeles Times.
According to affidavits filed in support of the Complaints, it is alleged that between January 1, 2003 and the present, that leader ANDRES MARTINEZ and associates VALENTIN MARTINEZ, KELVIN MADERA, and JOSE ROSALES conspired with each other as well as organization members in Mexico to import multiple kilogram quantities of cocaine into the United States -- cocaine that was destined for Lynn, Massachusetts and other North Shore towns.
The associates then drove the suitcases over to one of the operation's locations, 6 Endicott Street in Danvers, where ANDRES MARTINEZ arrived shortly thereafter.