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French painter and exponent of fauvism (1880-1954)


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249] Andre Derain, Batteaux a Collioure, dated 1905; {AAR0240} (36) [pp.
COLOURFUL 'Arbres a Collioure' by Andre Derain 1905, part of the collection of art to be sold off
Restaurants and cafes line the seafront and narrow streets behind are home to artists following in the footsteps of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain who in 1905 moved here and pioneered the painting style known as Fauvism.
In all, there are more than 100 paintings by 36 artists, including Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Andre Derain, Jean Dubuffet, Alberto Giacometti, Juan Gris, Roger de La Fresnaye, Fernand Leger, Henri Matisse, Juan Miro, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Jules Pascin, Diego Rivera, Henri Rousseau, Maurice Utrillo and Edouard Vuillard.
Henri Matisse painted Open Window, Collioure in the summer of 1905, when he and Andre Derain worked together in the small Mediterranean fishing port of Collioure, near the Spanish border.
AndrE Derain painted Madame Matisse au kimono in 1905 when he spent the summer with Matisse and his family at the small fishing village of Collioure in the south of France.
June birthdays include Paul Gauguin, on June 7, 1848; Andre Derain, on June 10, 1880; and M.
Her compositions' colorful dots run the gamut from pointillism and Andre Derain to Sigmar Polke and Ross Bleckner, with his ethereal, astral markings.
Staff at the Barber, colleagues from the University of Birmingham's History of Art department, friends of Professor Verdi, former students, members of the Friends group and several art dealers enjoyed a private view of the display, which groups all the major paintings acquired for the Barber under Professor Verdi's directorship, including masterpieces by Rubens, Matthias Stom, Johan Christian Dahl and Andre Derain, together with a selection of works on paper.
Today, Provence musters Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, and Cezanne as its key figures, with Andre Derain, Raoul Dufy, and Georges Braque as their successors.
Besides Balanchine's, she clothed many ballets for Michel Fokine, Leonide Massine, Frederick Ashton, Agnes de Mille, and Jerome Robbins, and reproduced in three dimensions the designs of some of the great artists of her time: Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Pavel Tchelitchew, Giorgio de Chirico, Isamu Noguchi, Andre Derain, Balthus, Christian Berard, Leon Bakst, Cecil Beaton, Joan Miro, and Robert Rauschenberg.
Early on in the show visitors face a bottleneck because there is so much to take in - fragmented worlds of Picasso and Braque, Suzanne Valedon's amazing and surprising nude, The Fortune Teller (1912) - a strong and bold painting, made by a woman in a man's art world - Matisse's wonderful portrait of Andre Derain (1905), where he uses stark blue-green and pinks to represent skin shadows and highlights.
Matisse hit his stride in the avant-garde art world around 1905, working with a group of artists that included Andre Derain, Albert Marquet, and Maurice Vlaminck, who came to be known as les fauves (the wild beasts).
The placards on the walls of the Museum of Modern Art actually do a commendable job of tracing the emergence of modern art, from the first tentative forays of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain in the early 1900s - theAy were labeled ``wild beasts'' by critics - to a Max Beckmann oil from 1938, ``Woman at Her Toilette With Red and White Lilies,'' a work that resulted in his being labeled a ``degenerate'' by Nazis who were coming to power in prewar Germany.
Cunningham's work is modern and nostalgic at the same time, flattened forms with a palette often described as "fauve," characterized by the emphasis of painterly qualities and strong color comparable to the paintings of Fauve leaders Henri Matisse and Andre Derain.