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a dark grey volcanic rock

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In this area the copper mineral with secondary minerals filling cavities of andesitic rocks (Fig.
This group is dominated by andesitic to dacitic rocks with lesser quantities of basaltic to rhyolitic tuffs and flows and epiclastic sedimentary rocks.
1997): "Emplacement and evolution of the andesitic dome of Galeras volcano, 1990-1992".
The basal material of the Soa Basin is an andesitic breccia termed the Ola Kile Formation.
The property geology is predominantly underlain Tertiary aged felsic volcaniclastic rocks which overlie a lower volcanic sequence of andesitic flows and breccias, as well as intermediate composition volcano-sedimentary rocks.
These veins form a high level silver-gold-base metals system, hosted in andesitic and rhyolitic rocks, centered on a large rhyolite dome complex in the north and silver systems in smaller rhyolite dome complexes to the southeast.
It continues: "The stone quarried at Harden was formed approximately 390 million years ago, when magma from deep underground was forced up into the surrounding andesitic rocks, forming a thick blister-like intrusion of mica-porphyrite, which is now commonly called Harden red.
A series of intrusions into regionally-widespread andesitic volcanic rocks (ca.
Cardelena hosts the same Laramide age intrusive rocks and Cretaceous andesitic volcanic rocks as at Suaqui Verde and Adriana that have yet to be explored systematically for porphyry copper mineralization.
It is typically characterized by 5-20cm, sub-rounded to sub-angular fragments of Thorn Stock (quartz-feldspar porphyry) with lesser andesitic tuff and rhyolite fragments.
Alkaline and acidic) and be seen on the maternal Andesitic and Basalt rocks with more spreading.
Fyffe and Grant (2000) recognised two formations in the unit: the Ross Island Formation, which is principally mafic flows with minor volcaniclastic sandstone, and the Ingalls Head Formation, which is principally andesitic to dacitic tuff and felsic breccia with purplish sandstone and mudstone.
Mineralization at Silver Eagle is hosted in silicified conglomerate and overlying andesitic volcanic rocks, while mineralization at Reales is hosted by limestone that underlies the conglomerate as well as andesitic volcanic rocks.
This work has so far delineated a gold bearing shear zone within altered andesitic volcanic over a 400m strike length which is open both to the north and south (Figure 3).
Potassic alteration and sulphide-quartz veining are associated with feldspar porphyry intrusives cutting andesitic volcanics.