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a dark grey volcanic rock

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Following this, Upper Cretaceous volcaniclastic and sedimentary rocks were penetrated prior to the intercepting of the target volcaniclastic and andesite unit at 432 m.
Granite, basalt, andesite and trachyte are used as coating materials for buildings.
Les roches ont une composition scmblable aux andesites orogeniques avec des teneurs elevees en [TiO.
The area's geology is fairly typical of the northern Sierra Madre Occidental with structurally disrupted andesite volcanics of the Lower Volcanic Complex (LVC) exposed in the more deeply eroded parts of the district and gently tilted tuffaceous rhyolite ash-flow tuffs of the Upper Volcanic Supergroup (UVS) occupying the higher areas.
The dominant rock types in the area are flows and tuffs of pyroxene-feldspar propyllitic andesite later intruded by andesite.
The sequence consists mainly of flows and felsic tuffs, porphyric andesites, basalts and diverse sedimentary assemblages.
A program of 9 RC drill holes, which is currently underway, is designed to test the extent of the parallel zones as well as the potential of 200 metre thick horizon of inter layered argillic andesites and silicified rhyolite tuffs that have returned silver values of trace to 37 oz/ton Ag from numerous surface rock chip samples.
The El Aguila property covers a large and extensive geologic system where Tertiary rhyolite domes and flows have intruded, altered and, in part, replaced Cretaceous limestones, sandstones, shales and Tertiary andesites.
The property comprises 2,272 hectares (5,614 acres) of mineral rights which include an extensive area where Tertiary rhyolite porphyry domes and flows have intruded and altered Cretaceous limestones, sandstones, and Tertiary andesites.
Gold values detected in rock and soil sampling indicate the presence of an upper level epithermal system with potential for buried stockwork or a more restricted high grade vein system underlying altered andesites.
Further holes are planned to test this structure deeper and along strike in the underlying andesites.
These sequences were subsequently intruded by 38 million year old (Eocene) magmas and overlain by Miocene basalts and andesites.
The local geology comprises fine grained rhyolites and andesites disseminated to massive pyrite, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite, all of which carry gold.
This series, interpreted as a calc-alkaline continental-type volcano-sedimentary unit (Andean-type), exhibits bimodal volcanism, with basalts, andesites, dacites and rhyolites.