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Unlike most standalone SSL appliances, which rely on a PC architecture, Andes Web Security Accelerators employ a solid-state design with no rotating media for maximum reliability.
Established in 1986 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1994, Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (1174.
Andes was born February 21, 1934 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The acquisition notably bolsters Pacific Andes International's expansion strategy in the Peruvian fishery and helps it keep pace with the rising market demand for fishmeal.
Scientists disagree about when and how civilizations formed in the Andes, but Finucane says his analysis indicates that "intensive maize agriculture was the economic foundation for the development of the Wari state.
Measurements taken from the museum specimens support the hypothesis that geographical races from the eastern side of the Andes tend to be larger than the geographical races from the western side of the Andes (Table 1).
Otherwise, the main chapters (pages 1-246) are largely photologues of different regions of the country including The coastal range, The Andes, and The Tepuis (Guayana).
Minera Andes is a Vancouver-based company with operations in Argentina.
The potential incubation period from exposure to onset of symptoms was 7-39 days (median 18 days) in 20 patients with a defined period of exposure to Andes virus in a high-risk area.
To plug the gap, governments on both sides of the snow-choked Andes are proposing a US$300 million renovation of a rail line from Argentina to Chile.
Unigen and Inca Health will work closely together with indigenous tribes to collect native plants from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountains that have a history of ethnomedicinal use in order to identify lead compounds for the development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food products.
Over the years, friends have encouraged mountain climber Joe Simpson to return to the Peruvian Andes and make peace with the place where he nearly died with climbing partner Simon Yates in 1985.
It is a cold morning in late August, and ice covers the ground in the Andes mountains of Peru.
The Old Christians rugby team had been on its way to Santiago, Chile, on October 12, 1972 to play a game against the Old Boys, a Chilean school team, when the Uruguayan Air Force plane they were on crashed into the Andes.
Since the founding of the Andes Community more than a decade ago, progress toward developing a regional consumer base has been slow and painful.